Quilt Labels

Pre-Designed Quilt Labels ~ Sewn Out

Pre-Designed Quilt Labels ~ Embroidery Pattern

Custom Designed Quilt Labels ~ Sewn Out

Custom Designed Quilt Labels ~ Embroidery Pattern
When you order you will be asked for the names and date information that will go into the Quilt Label pictured.
SIZE:  4x6

When you order the Embroidery Pattern for the Pre-Designed Quilt Label you will receive 2 files.  One file will have the names blank and the ther one will have the names and dates included (if information is provided).
SIZE:  4x6

We will custom design your quilt label for you.  You tell us what quilt it is for we will put together a quilt label with yur specific theme with all names, dates and information you would like to record.  We have over 500,000 embroidery designs at our disposal so we are confident that we will be able to create your one of a kine quilt label.
SIZE:  3x5, 4x6 or 5.7